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TKLBAM: Automatic Daily Backup stopped running

erey.623's picture

hi, TKLBAM suddenly stopped the daily backup processes even if tried to refresh/re-enabled daily backup. Please help. Thanks, Edward

Chris Musty's picture

Same here

I thought it was the queue stuck thing again but my servers are not backing up.

Running proxmox and several TKL appliances from my office.

I will investigate and explain what I have found shortly (need to finish off an app - ugh!)

Chris Musty


Specialised Technologies

Jeremy Davis's picture

Geez Chris you've had a rough trot with it!

@Chris - I'm guessing you've already done the feedback thing!? Hopefully TKL devs will be onto it.

@Edward - If you haven't already use the 'Feedback' feature from the Hub to let the TKL devs that things aren't right. The Feedback link should be pretty obvious on the left hand side of any page when you are logged into the Hub. This will get their attention faster than posting here and has the added advantage of also automatically supplying them with you Hub details so they can troubleshoot easier.

Chris Musty's picture

Just Glitches

TKLBAM is superior to everything else I have used and I am sticking with it.

I understand there are glitches from time to time with web interfaces etc and I am in no way upset about my experience to date.

I have used the feedback feature 3 times now but my backup dates keep incrementing indicating backup has not occured. I suspect it is something on my servers end - dont know what!

OK just did a backup and it informed me the last one (on this server) was from 25th!

Will look into it tonight.

Chris Musty


Specialised Technologies

Jeremy Davis's picture

Yeah I like it too

Although I am currently underutilising it at present. Despite this I have grand plans... :)

Glad to hear that you're so happy with it.

Another factor is that it is under pretty heavy development and is still relativly young in the grand scheme of things.

Regardless I have found it pretty stable so far myself, although as I said I'm not using it as much as I plan to. I am in the process of transitioning my work's file storage over to TKL (am having a few hassles with the current Win filesever which is holding me up) and once that's done it will be all systems go!

Chris Musty's picture

Similar Position

I am in a similar position with a client and fileserver issues (bloody windows).

If only the pipe was big enough to transfer chunks of data in a decent time frame I would be over the moon! For now I have to use proxmox backup images, better than nothing!

The best fit for me is client databases, they are relatively small and backup/restore is a snap.

There is one small issue that I have not gotten enough detail on to provide info on here and that is to do with different IP's upon restoration. It is simple enough to just change the config files and restart networking (or use confconsole) but under certain circumstances it can cripple a system when it restores to an already provisioned IP address - ikk. As I said need to gather more detail before commenting too much more. I have been know to cause the problem!

Chris Musty


Specialised Technologies

Jeremy Davis's picture

Interesting scenario

I avoid what I think you're talking about by setting static IPs for most of my clients. That way the only time I'm likely to have IP issues is if I 'clone' a system. I still run DHCP for wireless clients, but they have a range of IPs set aside for them that don't clash with the static ones I reserve for use with desktops and VMs. But I've only got my work and my home networks to manage (and no one else touches them) so it's a bit easier for me I'm guessing. Also they're not particularly huge networks.

Another thing to consider is letting DHCP take care of assigning IP addresses and use the new dynamicDNS functionality of the Hub/TKLBAM to make sure your machine is easily accessable regardless of IP. I'm pretty sure Alon was saying that it is quite capable of doing dynaminc IP DNS updates for LAN IPs as well as WAN ones...

Ideally though it'd be great if TKLBAM could somehow be smart enough to deal with your scenario automagically. It's probably worth having a good think about what you'd ideally want, how it could be acheived and even better still develop a cose snipet to deal with it. I'm sure the TKL guys would have a look at including it (or similar).

FWIW I know they are big fans of Python! Or even if it was a bit of bash.

Alon Swartz's picture

Sorry for the late reply, some comments...

@edward, @chris - my best guess is that the cron service is stopped (due to a bug ubuntu mistakenly sent out - more info here).

@chris, I replied to your Hub feedback but never heard back, did you not get my emails?

@chris, @jeremy, TKLBAM does not backup custom network configurations by default, so as to support mirgrating systems without unexpected results.

@jeremy, you're right! The Hubs new DNS functionality (based on Amazon Route53) supports LAN configurations.

Jeremy Davis's picture

Ahh the cron thing...

Of course, that would make perfect sense. I'd forgotten about that!

Thanks for the other info :)

Chris Musty's picture

Thanks Alon

Thats a fairly serious kind of mistake!

I probably did not recieve your emails due to the fact I am using box trapper to kill the spam issue.

I will hunt through my queue and see if I can get your replies.

Chris Musty


Specialised Technologies

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