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Turnkey Linux refuses to keep a static ip address

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I keep trying to set a static ip address on turnkey linux but it always eventually gets a new one from DHCP. What am I doing wrong? My router is pfSense. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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BTW: It does not have to reboot to get a new IP.

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Hmmm, very strange.

It certainly shouldn't be doing that! I assume you are using the confconsole to set your static IP? I have VMs that have had static IPs for months and it survives reboot as well. I can't think of anything that would be causing that behaviour, beyond not saving the static IP.

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Oh, is that how you do it!

Actually, I did it from webmin. It seems to be working now! Thank you!

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I didn't even consider that you may be doing it from Webmin. I suspect what was happening was that whilst you set it in Webmin, confconsole was still using DHCP so they were fighting. It looks like confconsole was winning! :)

IMO though this is a bug. Ideally if you set a static IP in Webmin, confconsole should honor that. I have logged a bug here, although TBH it probably won't be high on their agenda as it's easy to workaround as you've discovered.

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