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The woman who set up our Mediawiki site has left; the password for the admin account in her notes doesn't work, and the email address that is attached to has been shut off. I need to use this account to set up other workers with passwords and usernames-- is there a way to reset the password? Thanks!
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But I suggest that you consult the MediaWiki documentation for details on how to reset the credentials for that. You may also need to reset the MySQL password, but I'm not sure, the MediaWiki docs should tell you whether you need to or not.

To reset the root (Linux admin account) password (ie the password for accessing the underlaying Linux OS) there are some links here.

If you haven't got a backup, I'd probably change the root password (if you have to) and do a backup before you mess with MediaWiki just in case something nasty happens to your data.

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I'm sure as part of the installation process, various user ids & passwords were requested. But the one I chose for the mediawiki admin is NOT WORKING. Please advise.

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Or perhaps there are characters that aren't working properly... I just checked on a MediaWiki appliance and it worked fine for me...

You can re-run the initscripts by running 'turnkey-init'.

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- thanks. I re-installed the server and the admin password is now working. 

- could you perhaps do 'mediawikimaths' which includeds the maths rendering extensions

- I tried to add them as per your instructions (http://www.turnkeylinux.org/docs/mediawiki/math#comment-21943) but it's not working

- can you please explain the billing. I'm on some kind of $10 support plan - does that include hrs usage? Pls explain EBS volumes and elastic ip. 


Neil Parker


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I moved my posts to your new thread. Better to work in your own thread that resurrect this old one...

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