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In the last couple of days when I log into the Hub I get this pop up displaying the following text;

Amazon is validating your payment details. This process usually takes between 2-15 minutes. If this message still appears after 15 minutes, click here for details and follow the recommended steps.

It never goes away and clicking on the link takes me to a page to generate keys???

I am confused what is going on here?

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I'll take a look at your account to see what happened. I received your Hub feedback, so I'll reply directly to you via email.

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I just didn't log in!

Chris Musty


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Blue button on the left when logged in.

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Sorry for the late reply, its been hectic the last couple of weeks... I just replied to your Hub feedback.

Anyway, for anyone else who comes across this thread, you can trigger the Hub's verification of TKLBAM / EC2 like this:

  1. Make sure you are logged into the Hub
  2. Log into
  3. Under TKLBAM / EC2, click on "Go to application"

The Hub will pull out the activation key automatically from the URL and verify everything is setup on Amazon's side.

If the message about Amazon validating your payment details still appears, then there might be an extra long lag on Amazon's side, or there really is something wrong with the payment details.

In this case, unfortunately, there isn't anything we can do from our side. I can only recommend "hanging tight" and doing the dp-activate thing again a little later... Alternatively, you might want to contact Amazon to get them to take a look at your account.

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Mine was working and now it is not. I followed your suggestions, but TKLBAM / EC2 is not listed in dp-activate. I think you need to turn my TKLBAM off in the hub, so that I can start from scratch with TKLBAM.


Please advise.

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To do this, ultimately it will depend on what your appliance is, but basically the best way to go IMO would be to dump the database (if that's relevant) and then rsync the DB dump and any relevant data files to a local instance.

If you can give more details I can offer some more specific suggestions, but personally I'd rsync to a local instance (running as a VM) so you can make sure that it all works as it should before you risk losing it.

Or another possiblility (I'm not 100% about this) but I'm fairly sure you should be able to create a whole new account, then once it is set up and working as it should then add your new account's TKLBAM API to your old server and run a backup, then restore to a fresh instance (on your new account). Once you have confirmed all works as it should, then destroy your old server and cancel your old account.

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