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Hi Liraz and All,

Thanks for the excellent software!

I am reading through your volatile script trying to set up my drupal work environment. In that script you use rsync to synchronize servers.

If I use TKLBAM I am already backing up my site. Is it possible to use TKLBAM/duplicity to sync between my local and remote servers' volatile directory by pulling the relevant files out of the duplicity backup? Same question for mysql dumps. If I am already backing them up with duplicity via TKLBAM can I pull MySQL restores out of my backup?
Between my desktop and the hub I am using turnkey linux images. But the production servers that my client's use are hosted elsewhere. Can I sync the prod servers using duplicity from a non-tlk linux? In other words, what would I need to do to set up access to and from my hub/s3 duplicity backups that you have already baked into the tlk image?
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From what I understand of your question it should be possible. ALthough exactly how you would go about it I'm not sure. If you have a good read over the TKLBAM documentation and a search through the forums (search box, top right corner) you may find enough info to get you going.

If you do sort it out it may be handy for others if you post back with your findings.

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