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I have installed the latest TKL dokuwiki appliance.

I would like to make a directory (for data) accessible on the apache server.

I read a previous post which said to place the "newdir/" in the var/www directory. This doesnt work. I followed the link to webroot and i made "newdir" there. Then you go directly into Dokuwiki and you are prompted -if you want to create a new wiki page called "newdir/"

I have been looking for a way to set up and make the directory visible to apache & dokuwiki. I thought the .htaccess file in the directory should do it but it doesnt work either. Without the .htaccess file in /var/www/webroot/newdir/ i get forbidden acces.

I put this into my .htaccess file

allow from all
SetHandler none

and it doesnt work either.

I just want to put a data files into the directory. I then want to do an "external" link from dokuwiki to this directory.

There will be hundreds of files and the users will select what they want. I didnt want to use the media manager that comes with Dokuwiki- too many files.


Any help would be much appreciated.

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So the help I am able to provide is quite limited. I have an understanding of the theory of Apache config but have struggled in reality to get things to work how I think they should. Regardless, here's my 2c:

As the Dokuwiki package is installed from package management the simple solution of adding a new folder to /var/www won't work (as you've discovered). From my understanding if you wish to do this you will need to add a new site (to /etc/apache2/sites-available) and enable it (so it appears in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled) using the a2ensite command. This new site will need to point to your 'new site' document root (ie /var/www/newdir). Once you have done this you will need to restart apache to apply your new config. You should also be able to achieve these steps via Webmin if you prefer.

Good luck and be great if you can post back if you get this resolved as others may look for a similar solution in the future.

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Thanks for such a prompt reply.

I tried to create a virtual host in Webmin pointing to /var/www/newdir/.

It does create one but there are problems. I guess i left out some info originally about the wiki setup on our network.

We have an existing office Network and i put the TKL Dokuwiki appliance on an old PC. I then connected it to the network. The old PC running TKL Dokuwiki obained its own IP address from the main network, say 192.***.***.*** (probably the ethernet socket address). The Wiki is only accessible on our network inside the company.

Where im stuck is if i create a Virtual server then it appears I must create a new IP address. If i use the same given 192.***.***.*** then it overrides the Wiki, as its on this address. I have tried a different port number and a different IP address, etc but it just doesnt work. Im limited to that single IP address on our main network.

There must be something simple? in Apache that allows the access to a single directory on the local pc. (ie not on different IP and 192.***.***.***/newdir doesnt work either)


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Which is accessed via a folder eg If done that way then it shouldn't overide your original Wiki.

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