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Hey everyone, 

This looks like a common issue that has a few responses on the forums, but I couldn't really follow any of them. I'm a TOTAL newbie to Linux (hence I thank GOD for TKL), and I'm coming from a background in managing sites/files/databases using GoDaddy. 


Without further adu, here's the issue....

I'm trying to access FTP or SFTP using Filezilla. I've gotten as far as downloading PuTTy and logging in, but I don't know what to do from here. The PuTTy documentation is like miles above my head, rendering it useless. Do I even need PuTTy?

Also, I may be throwing darts here, but I was able to connet to s using root, password, and port 22, but the files in the screenshot below look unfamiliar. Of course my WordPress files are installed to var/www, and that's not listed in the screenshot. Any explanations?

Finally, I can click on "edit" and "settings" using FileZilla, and click on "SFTP". But then it asks me to upload a "keyfile", and I have no idea what that means/what to do.

Basically, anyone want to hold my hand and help a noob? :)



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You don't need putty to connect filezilla to your server using sftp as long as you are ok using password based authentication instead of key based authentication.

Make sure your fields in Filezilla look like this:

Host: sftp://your.ip.addr.ess
Username: root
Password: root_password
Port: 22

It sounds like you already got this far.  The "unfamiliar" directory structure you show in your picture is the root user's home directory found at /root.  You want to scroll up and go to the parent directory /.  Then you'll see a listing of directories including /var.  Select that and you should see /var/www.  The / directory is the root directory similar to the c:\ on windows.

Hope that helps.

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Man, that's as simple as it gets!! Thanks!


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