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Turnkey -> SFTP issue

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Hey everyone, 

This looks like a common issue that has a few responses on the forums, but I couldn't really follow any of them. I'm a TOTAL newbie to Linux (hence I thank GOD for TKL), and I'm coming from a background in managing sites/files/databases using GoDaddy. 


Without further adu, here's the issue....

I'm trying to access FTP or SFTP using Filezilla. I've gotten as far as downloading PuTTy and logging in, but I don't know what to do from here. The PuTTy documentation is like miles above my head, rendering it useless. Do I even need PuTTy?

Also, I may be throwing darts here, but I was able to connet to sftp://xx.xxx.xxx.xx using root, password, and port 22, but the files in the screenshot below look unfamiliar. Of course my WordPress files are installed to var/www, and that's not listed in the screenshot. Any explanations?

Finally, I can click on "edit" and "settings" using FileZilla, and click on "SFTP". But then it asks me to upload a "keyfile", and I have no idea what that means/what to do.

Basically, anyone want to hold my hand and help a noob? :)



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Man, that's as simple as it gets!! Thanks!


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