Zimbra appliance - post installation help required...

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I have downloaded and installed zimbra iso file in VirtualBox.  

The Installation was flawless.

But I could not figure out following...

As per the info given on turnkey site, I am supposed to fill some values based on my setting..

Example  :


  •     Mail DNS records example

    mail                   A
    example.com.        mail.example.com            MX
    example.com.  	    v=spf1 mx ~all              TXT

    Now where these values have to be filled ?  ( in zimbra installation or at my domain provider )

    Can I configure co.cc domain with this appliance ?  If yes, what is the procedure.


    A step by step tutorial will be very useful for this great appliance.

    Thanks in advance...

    PS :  Similar question was asked on Zimbra forum but I was told that Zimbra does not support unless it is downloaded from their site.  I was told that I should post all the question on Turnkey forum only.

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    Those are DNS records. You need to configure them in your DNS provider. You need to do that with any mail server, otherwise people don't know which server to contact when they send mail to a given domain. FWIW, the Hub provides a DNS service.

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