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Hi, I have another question concerning tklbam-restore.

I tried the --limits option

tklbam-restore --limits="/home/path/to/python" 10

to get rid of some problems with my python installation. Looking at the temporary files, it seems it downloads everything again and will take a long time to replace this particular directory. I know tklbam is not meant as a file-level backup tool, but I want to make sure I did everything right:

  • Is the syntax I used correct?
  • Will restoring a particular directory take almost as long as restoring everything?



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Yes, that's the right syntax if you wanted to restore just that directory. You may want to add --skip-database and --skip-packages options though.

Regarding the speed this is a Duplicity limitation unfortunately. Under the hood Duplicity stores volumes as a series of encrypted tarballs. To get just that directory you need to reassemble the whole backup first.

It's going to get hard to get better at that while still using Duplicity, though in the future we may look into supplementing Duplicity with a file-level ala dropbox-like tool but at the moment TKLBAM is definitely designed as a system-level backup.

In the meantime, there's another option if you want faster restores for just one directory: use Duplicity directly and invoke it to backup just that one directory as often as you like (e.g., in addition to the system-level TKLBAM backup tool).

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