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I have installed the Bugzilla Turnkey Appliance on my AWS account and it seems to work fine. However, whenever I create a bug the email notifications are not received by recipient. I thought it may have been an issue with the ISP of a recipient but then I used a corporate address and same problem -- no email.

Are there setup requirements for the appliance on my AWS account for email processing?

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I haven't spent any time on it myself, but many others have complained about sending emails from AWS instances (not specifically Bugzilla). I haven't used the Bugzilla appliance so there is a possibilty that there is some config missing (ie bug), but I'm not sure.

AWS email sending is a bit of a pain (thanks mainly to spammers abusing AWS servers) but TKL community member Chris has documented how to make it work. Check out the docs here. If you have issues, post to the thread where he originally posted it (links to it in the doc).

Hopefully that should sort you out.

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Looks like Chris may have been updating/tidying it up and got sidetracked. Have you read through the original forum post (links in the doc) cause that's where I copy pasted the doc from originally.

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