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We actually have Internet access but it is quite limited and they will not allow even touching Amazon S3.

Has anyone hacked tklbam-backup so it will bypass the API stuff?

Is it possible to use Duplicity without tklbam?


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Duplicity is just the backend for TKLBAM so you could use it on it's own (without the TKLBAM frontend). AFAIK it's in the standard repos so should install fine with apt-get.

As for hacking TKLBAM, I haven't even tried (the point of using it for me is for remote backup - I do local data backups myself separately). There have been suggestions/requests in the past to be able to host local instances of the Hub and it's something that I think would be cool. AFAIK the devs have considered it but haven't yet decided whether it's something they'll do. Even if they do, I don't think they'll be working on that anytime soon. They have a todo list a mile long and with Ubuntu 12.04 (the basis for the upcoming TKL v12.x release) just around the corner I don't think it's going to slack off for them anytime soon!

As TKLBAM is open source, there's no reason why you couldn't have a play with it and see what you can do. Although without being attached to the Hub, it's perhaps just as easy to use Duplicity standalone

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But you can't run a private instance of the Hub (it's not open sourced). And to use it standalone for local backups you will need to use the commandline. Personally I don't think it's that hard really. If you use it completely disconnected from the Hub then it is a bit more mucking around plus you need to keep track of all your backups yourself.

Why not do both? That's what I do. I have local backups for convenience and fast restore and have I have TKL Hub cloud backups for the piece of mind that comes from having remote backups that have 11 9s of data security (way better than anything I have access to locally...)

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My place of work does not like the idea of backing up to the "cloud". I am trying to pitch using TKL servers but backing up to the hub is some what of a concern. 

TKLBAM is open source but like J said the hub is not. I think it would not take too much to take a look at the source code and according to this post here TKLBAM could be used to backup to another storage target. I would think thats the easy part. The hard part would be the hub like target. You would need some type of http/webDAV file uploads. Not sure what TKLMAB uses to upload to AWS. then also keep track of all the meta data (backups/restore/keys etc) 

My current plan is to use TKLBAM to do a backup then scp to a holding area that is backed up to tape or offsite storage via cron job script. 

A total in house TKL style soultion may be far from reality since most people can use the hub and the price is very good IMO.  However, that being said this is on my list of "This would be cool to work on" list. So maybe one day. Until then, have some below reading

Some links about TKLBAM


TKLBAM Webmin Module Source

TKLBAM Source Code




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