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Sorry for my bad english - it is not my native language.

I need to have acces to www folder from my host mashine. I installed samba and webmin, but i dont know what do next. As i understand, i must shared www folder. Please give me step-by-step instruction what i must do to share folder. Thanks.

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If you are on the same subnet you should be able to access either the Samba Domain Controller or the FileServer from "My Network" within windows.  You will need to specify your login credentials when you connect but you can make that persistent.

If however your Servers are "out on the Cloud" this may be more difficult.  You will likely need to go to My Network Places and specify an "advanced connection" or at least specify the Web Address and see what comes of it.

I am not sure of the Ports TKL Machines require that may be required but some "secure web disks" can be connected in the following type form from My Network Neighborhood:

I may follow up with corrections.

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Have a look at this page in the docs. If you scroll down there is a section on Samba. Hope fully that may help?

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