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I am trying to get the mediawiki appliance operataing as a guest OS in virtualbox, but am having an issue due to the network setup here at work, and was hoping people could help with a work-around.

The issuse I am having is with the bridge connector.  For security reasons all computers attached to the network must have a MAC address registered with our IT department.  Because of this only registered MACs entered in the bridge adaptor settings will work.  However, if I enter the MAC of the host machine, networking stops working all togeather (i.e. niether the guest nor host can load webpages, ping or be pinged, etc).

This issue occurs with both a unbuntu 10.04 host and a windows 7 host.

Because this is a temporary system I do not wish to go through the trouble of getting a mac registered with IT (it is an onerous process, and I'm not sure they'll even register a virtual machine), and therefore was wondering if there was a work-around which would give access to the virtalized mediawiki, while having all traffick go through (or appear to go through) the host.



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VBox has a NAT network option which should suit your purposes. I have not played with it so I can't give you specific directions, but you can forward specific ports through to the VM and you should find all the info you need via VBox documentation (on their website I reckon).

As long as you don't already use the required ports on the host machine (ie 80/443/22/12320/12321/12322 for http/https/ssh&sftp/webshell/webmin/phpMyAdmin respectively) then you should be fine.

The other thing is that if you only want/need local (host) machine access then the 'host only' option may be useful. Although it's probably worth adding a NAT vNIC as well (to get updates from the net) but you obviously won't need to configure any port forwarding.

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