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I'm giving moodle turnkey a try on a virtualbox vm running under opensuse 12.1. Everything installed and configured ok, seemingly, but when I have restarted the moodle "machine" I can't move beyond the configuration console. That is, when trying to enter the indicated IP in a (couple of) browsers the page won't load. Even pinging it from a terminal brings 100% packet loss. I've tried wireshark to trace the packets but there are no revealing messages saying why the packets are being blocked/rejected. I made sure that network port is in bridged mode and promiscuous mode is set to allow VMs, but can't seem to get the appliance started. Any hints?

Thanks. Gavin

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FYI I have Moodle running fine under Proxmox and regularly use other TKL VMs under VBox on both Ubuntu 10.04 and WinXP.

By default TKL doesn't have any firewall enabled so it should just work OOTB.

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