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I am a total newbie here. I setup a Micro Redmine account. The Webmin will not let me login. Any super simple step-by-step instructions out there?

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Using the root password you set on launch (assuming you set one) you should be able to log in to all these services using the same username and password. Ie

Username: root

Password: <set on launch>

Note that the Redmine Admin account login will be different (unless of course you set it as the same password - although the account name will still be different).

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I'm a newbie too.

Accessing my account using "root" as my username and no password is not possible.

Im using AWS and Im not sure which password I had put. Is there a way to reset or retrieve my Webmin password through the EC2 console or something?


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The TKL Hub is a very nice Web front end for TKL appliances on AWS. It allows you to preseed the root password (as well as other important passwords and other cool stuff like setting a domain name with HubDNS).

So assuming that you haven't got very far yet, then destroying your instance, signing up for the Hub and starting with a new instance would be my recommendation.

However if you wish to persevere with your current instance then you can look over your VM log and find the randomly generated root password there (it hopefully shouldn't be too hard to find...).

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I loaded a LAMP stack intance and was able to login last night, but cannot login this morning. I can log into the myphpadmin, but not the webadmin. Same root and password.

I am trying to upload file via sftp. I am able to log into the server via sftp, again using the same root and password, but It does not allow me to upload anything. I get teh following error.

"Could not upload "index.html"
Make sure you have permissions to modify this file."

Any clues on what I need to do.

Trying to log into webadmin but cannot now.

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That seems very strange... By default Webmin on TKL uses PAM authentication (i.e. Linux user credentials), which will be the same as SFTP (as that also uses Linux user account(s)). Whilst MySQL uses a root account it is not the same as the root account as the system (it is a specific MySQL account which is also named 'root', i.e. they can be different passwords).

The only thing that I could guess is that when you set up the system you intended to use the same password but actually didn't. Unless you have changed something there is no reason that I am aware of that the password should have changed.

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That was my first instance, so I may have clicked on something I wasn't supposed to.

So I installed a new instance, same LAMP server, and it's working no problem now.

This is super cool. I'm ready to move all my sites from my dedicated server to the amazon platform. Saving money and never running out of disk space again.



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Glad to hear that you are up and running! :) Good luck with it!

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