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I was previously running vsphere 4.0 and various Turnkey Linux appliances without issues.


I am now running vsphere 4.1 and my guests will not start.  If I try to create a new guest from my exisitng iso images, as seen in the screenshot below, this is a portion of the kermel panic I experience.

If I revert to vSphere 4.0(as I have two different USB memory keys, it works 100%.

Anyone else experiencing this?



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no-one out here experiencing this?  I can install Ubuntu Server with no issues.

ANYONE!?!?!? :(

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There are numerous threads here on that issue.

Have a look at one of these:

Hopefully a read through them should sort you out.

Short story: you'll need to disable accelleration; install TKL; install an alternative kernel (read through the threads to find which one seems to work best); re-enable accelleration.

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