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On 11/29/09 Liraz Siri said:

"Our target audience is technically savvy but not experts with this virtualization stuff. They like the concept and they want to run a whole collection of TurnKey appliances on that server in the closet and they want TurnKey to make it super easy for them to do that."

This describes me exactly.  I want to run a collection  of TKL appliances on a computer I have.  I am thinking File Server appliance and vTiger CRM appliance as a start.

I have found plenty info on how to install a single TKL Appliance to either bare metal or a Virtual Machine but no info on the best way to install multilpe appliances to a single machine.

From what I have read it appears that maybe the answer is to intall Virtual Box - or an equivalent -  and then install each TKL Appliance to separate Virtual Box Machines.  Is that correct?

Does it ever make sense to put more than one Appliance on the same machine or VM?

If so, since my computer is not doing anything at the moment , would it be most efficient to use Windows XP or Ubuntu as the base Operating system?  Note I didn't say best, I am asking most efficient in terms of use of resources - RAM, HD space etc.

TIA for any guidance you can give me.


Note - I posted this here too - Sorry for the double post to such an old thread.

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Does it ever make sense to put more than one Appliance on the same machine or VM?

Personally I think it always makes sense to put multiple appliances on a single machine. In fact, unless you have particularly old and/or low spec hardware or particularly high load server then I think it's generally a waste to be running just one appliance.

There are many options but my personal preferance is ProxmoxVE. It is built on Debian Server and is administered either by WebUI or commandline and as such has very low resource overhead. I am using the v1.9 stable which works well for me.

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I've been reading the ProxmoxVE docs and see that the minimum reuirements are for more machine than I have.  The machine I am using is has an Intel Pentium 4 3 Gig Chip and it has 1 G Ram.  I need to work within these limitations.

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I generally would not run an appliance on less than 512Mb RAM. That said I have successfully used 256 but results were not stellar. So if your host needed as little as 256Mb you would only be able to run 3 appliances. This is absolutely bare minimum and you will find the server does not handle it well.

Not sure if there are any virtual environments that allow you to use such slim specs.

You simply need more RAM.

You could always run micro servers in the cloud, they are dirt cheap!

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I would look at starting with LAMP and installing Samba (for Windows file sharing) and vTiger (on LAMP). Although considering your specs, perhaps you'd be better off building from Core using a lower memory footprint webserver such as LigHTTPd or nGinX - although if it's only going to be for development or low traffic you may be ok...

I definately wouldn't consider running as VMs under any Desktop OS, especially Windows - In my experience with those specs running VMs will bring your host OS to a crawl (even XP).

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