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HI, i'm new on tjis forum, and i'm excited to partecipate on discussion and new project with virtualization appliance. I ask you it's possible to mbuild an Appliance with IPCop Firewall UTM on KVM in Proxmox. An image Vmware already exist, but qemu-Kvm-OPenVz is preferred for me. With this old post it's no convenient but whit this:;wap2

Can i help me?

THank you, i'm appreciated your work!

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And as such it's not (easily) possible to install to TKL. It should install to PVE fine AFAIK although I've never tried. And theoretically it may be able to be converted to OVZ but I can't really comment on that.

You will have much better chance of getting support with this via the PVE forums/mailing list and/or IPCop forums/mailing list. TKL have nothing to do with IPCop and have nothing directly to do with PVE (although I'm a big fan).

Good luck.

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