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Bugzilla Appliance sends Belorussian emails instead of English

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Just downloaded and set up Bugzilla Turnkey Appliance running on ESXi5 server.

Noticed that all sent bug mails are in a mixture of Belorussian and English, instead of just English (or just German).


Actually we are neither in Belarus, nor is anybody here able to understand Belorussian, so the question is: HOW TO FIX THAT?


Thanks a lot!


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Me too

I just stumbled into the same.  I am unfamiliar with the internals of bugzilla, which is why I downloaded an appliance instead of deploying into a Solaris zone.

I will dig a little to see what I can find.

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Solution found

Under Administration -> Default Preferences -> Language used in email

On my install, it defaulted to be (I think).  I set it to en and all is well now.

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Thanks for posting guys

Thanks for your initial report Markus, and thanks heaps Marty for your response and workaround. FYI I have lodged a bug report here.

Guest's picture

Thank you, it is working well now!

Thank you for this tip. After switching in global properties to en it works well. I wonder why be is the default...?

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