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it is almost impossible to use my dolfin browser .. android with these forums.  in the text box a 

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I don't use Dolphin (mostly use Firefox) but have had the same/similar issue with that. The default (Google Chrome) browser is better (but still not perfect).

I think it's to do with the implementation of Java under Android (it's not full, proper Java - just a subset). I have found that the only way to successfully use these forums under an Android browser (and without getting so frustrated I want to throw my phone/tablet) is to use the plain text editor (ie not use the WYSIWYG editor) when posting. To disable it click the 'Source' button (top left of text box toolbar).

Also I have lodged a bug here. I have also included a bit more info (as I did a bit of online research while I was posting).

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Back on a Laptop now..  I think best fast fix would be to implement a mobile version of the site.  As I believe this is on ...  I don't know how to do that.  I do know that mobile versions of sites can be implemented somewhat easily these days (joomla and magento both have it in TKL systems)...

Dolphin has a PH not an F, f'n a.  I thought that was the case when I was struggling to type this morning.

thanks again.

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