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A few improvements to the TorrentServer VM

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two suggestions for the next versions of the TorrentServer VM

1 - Include moblock (and configure it to auto-update its IP lists)

2 - Separate the root partition from the partition where the files are downloaded...I don't have 20GB free in the internal HD of my laptop, so I had to install the VMDK file in a separate USB HD, but it would be handy if the root partition would be <= 2GB (I think it's enough), and files are downloaded either to a separate VMDK file, or even better to an host folder shared through VMware tools/VirtualBox guest addittions...

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Interesting ideas...

An IP blocker is not a bad idea. And even if it weren't pre-installed, be great if there were at least instructions on how to do it, or better still a script that could do it for you.

Your second idea is quite a good one too, but only applies to VMs. As you may well know TKL is available in a(n evergrowing) number of formats but to keep maintenance overheads to a minimum they try to keep all the formats as close to one another. If you used a SMB/CIFS share instead (of a VMware/VBox shared folder) it would make it more generic in application, but would still need some end-user configuration and would not suit everyone. So bottom line I think that it is unlikely to make it into the TKL images. Despite this it would be easy to give step by step instructions on how to do remap/redirect downloads to an alternate location (eg one available via VBox/VMware shared folders/a Windows/SMB/CIFS share). Again, better still this could be done with a script, making it easy and more accessable to others.

So sorry to pee on your parade but I still think they are good ideas. How about you look at writing some scripts to do this stuff? Or even just document the steps required?

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