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How to get to Redmine from Webmin

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I see in the Redmine docs things like Projects List. I don't see that on Webmin. I assume I am not yet in Redmine when I'm on the Webmin on Redmine page. So what am I missing?

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Webmin is port 12321

So unlessyou specificly typed in the port after your IP then you're not at Webmin. Some of the applicances have a 'landing page' when  you browse directly to the appliance. I haven't used Redmine but I'd think that there should be a link there. Otherwise, perhaps try <appliance-ip>/railsapp

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Thanks, figured it out just

Thanks, figured it out just before you replied. Duh. The hostname is right on the page. Your 'landing page' I suppose. It's Friday.

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