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Is it possible to Install ioncube loader in the LAMP stack?

If so how should i go about it?


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But TBH I have no idea... I have never come across it before (until now). I just did a quick google and without spending a lot of time reading through their docs (which I'm not inclined to do as I'm not a big fan of obfuscation and/or proprietry code - TKL is all about open source after all...) I would imagine that it would be pretty straight forward.

PSo it's probably best to consolt with them about that. The v11.x TKL LAMP stack is basically an Ubuntu 10.04/Lucid server with Apache2, MySQL and php5.3 (as well as some other goodies). If you need to know what versions are installed you can find that info via the manifest and/or the changelog (links on the appliance page).


howto , tutorial :

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Awesome, thanks Andreas! :)

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