btw, I really love tkl.

I have installed Lamp and Wordpress Appliances on two seperate KVM vps's, and all seems to be working

Cron-apt has run and is sceduled to run.

I have used self installed webmin before.

Can some one tell me briefly.

1. Cron-apt, is that it, done? I do not have to manually update anything else in my appliances.

2. In the Webmin panel, under Webmin/Webmin Configuration/Upgrade Webmin. Should this Upgrade Webmin option be left alone?

3. In the webmin panel, under System/Software Packages/Upgrade All Packages. Should this Upgrade all packages be left alone?

The botom line for me really is.

Once installed, cron-apt running, tklbam setup, ssl cert created, default port changed.

Can I get down to the dirty work of virtual hosts, and setting up my websites?

Many thanks for your input.

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Ultimately it's your call on those ones. Personally I think your good to get on with your site, but specific answers:

  1. Cron-apt auto installs security updates only, so your call on that one. Personally I'm of the general opinion that is good enough. Sometimes I do run an apt-get upgrade but generally not on a production server...
  2. I'd leave that alone... Same as above really... Unless there is something that you need that isn't included don't update, but be aware that some who have updated have reported issues with the TKLBAM module, so if you intend to use that then definately leave it be. Also of interest (perhaps) all the 'base' modules are available (as debs - for install with apt-get/dpkg) from the TKL repo. They probably won't work either if you update.
  3. AFAIK this is the same as running 'apt-get upgrade' from the commandline so see 1 (above).

So IMO go do your site! :)

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