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I've done my best searching for a possibility to do this, but so far came up empty. What I want to do is transferring the ownership of a hub account to someone else. As the responsibility for checking the backups and such is at a person who will leave the company, a colleague needs to be able to access the hub. Ideally, via his own credentials (OpenID).

So far, I haven't been able to find a way to do this. I've tried changing the registered name and email, but the invitation a) expired before registering, and b) now seems to have its own hub account, instead of the transferred ownership.

Long story short: how should I migrate a hub account from OpenID A to OpenID B?

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Just having a quick look it seems to me that you can do what you want on the Hub profile page. You can change the email address, the username, the password and although I don't use it, there is a section for OpenID (I don't use it so there is nothing is there on mine but I assume that you can add/remove OpenIDs there).

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Thanks for your response.

There seems to be some kind of issue with connection additional OpenID's, perhaps? If I click the link to [Add another OpenID], and then click the Google logo ("Associate with Google"), I get redirected to the hub page. What I think happens is that I get redirected to login to the Google account, but as I'm already logged in, I get back to the page without being able to supply the other account's credentials. Clicking e.g. the Yahoo button does give me a login page, but alas, I need the Google one.

I also tried the smaller Google Profile button, but upon filling in an email address (with which I can login at Google), it shows the following message:

OpenID failure
An error occured with your OpenID. Please try Login or Sign up again.
OpenID discovery error: HTTP Response status from identity URL host is not 200. Got status 404

More specifically then: from a Google OpenID account, how to add another Google OpenID account?



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If you think it might be a problem with the OpenID being already logged in, how about transferring it to a non-OpenID account then transfer it again to the new OpenID account?

This way you should not have the issue with the OpenID already being logged in when you reassign the account.

Twice the work but it might get you over that hurdle.


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Perhaps like mikeswaw says there is an issue with adding 2 OpenIDs of the same type? I'm not sure if it's an issue with the Hub itself, or just a shortcoming of OpenID? Have you done what your trying to do in other places (ie add a 2nd Goodle OpenID)?

If mikeswaw's suggestion doesn't work, then perhaps set email & password (if you haven't already, just in case - so you can still log in if something goes wrong) then try just removing the current OpenID. Then add your new one.

If you think it is actually a bug, then feel free to lodge a report on the TKL bug tracker.

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Well, I got it working.

What simply worked was changing the email-address, and then being able to click the activation link myself. I sent it to a coworker, but upon following the activation link, he couldn't log into the hub because he wasn't authorized (even with the correct password). When using the activation link myself (while being logged in via OpenID), I could login with the password. From this point on, it is simply accessible by the email/password combo. So apparently, the activation only works when you are authorized already... I'll leave it up to you to determine whether or not this is considered a bug.

Also, for the OpenID issue: what seems to work (didn't follow through though) for adding another Google account is the following:

  1. Login to the hub with Google Account X.
  2. Click the link to add another OpenID (but don't select the provider yet).
  3. Go to any Google page, and log out of account X.
  4. Select the Google provider, and fill in the details for the account you want to add (account Y).
  5. Profit!

If done without the logout (reiterating my original issue), you would get redirected back to the hub directly, without being able to provide a different account. I can see why this is, but it's not really intuitive... perhaps some notifications would be helpful here to prevent confusion in the future.

Finally: thanks for the suggestions, the help and the turnkey environments!


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