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Hi guys and Gals!

I have seen many good things about the new version of apache 2.4, that is faster than previous ones and that it consumes less memory.

I would love to use Nginx with Wordpress, but its hard for me to configure, I wish there was a Virtual machine already configure to just boot up and use, anyways since this is about Apache, I would like to know how to update to the new version on turnkey and if it is recommended since it is so new (security issues or something else)

please advice

thanx a lot

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I wrote about a simiar scenario on another thread not that long ago. Obviously the reasons are different (and the Apache version referred to as well) but the theory still applies.

One significant difference though is that v2.4 is not packaged as a binary for Ubuntu AFAIK so you will need to get them from somewhere else - perhaps from Debian Sid? But that raises a whole other set of potential issues!

Probably the preferred way would be to compile from source. The downside of that (as noted in the other thread) is that you will need to rebuild Apache (from source) everytime a security bug is discovered and patched. This will add significant maintenance overheads to your server (you will need to monitor the Apache site for security advisories and then rebuild everytime a patch is released).

As for nGinX - hopefully TKL will release nGinX based applainces (at least a basic webserver) next release. The main reason it hasn't been done yet is because config of nGinX is not as straightforward or user friendly as Apache (also no Webmin module) and definately not as well documented.

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I agree, I think I will wait a bit, maybe soon someone releases a new package for us, as of nGinx like yourself I find it very hard to configure and the lack of a control panel makes it less appealing. 

thanx for your answer.

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