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Hello, am currently running a Turnkey Deki 11.1 installation (using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS) on VMWare 8, however am getting the following error and am no longer able to boot properly with the image:


" No init found. Try passing init= bootarg"


How can I fix this error without affecting the deki installation?

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But I'm only guessing... Perhaps try running an fsck from a live Linux ISO. Have a search here on TKL forums and/or google.

Otherwise you may need to restore from a backup.. If you haven't got one then I hate to say it, but perhaps this is a brutal reminder that data loss is a matter of when - not if... Absolute worst case scenario though you should be able to mount the vHDD and recover your data (hopefully).

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thanks I ran the fsck command and it's been loading normally now. right with the backup thou, did not have 1, thankfully managed store a copy of the db when it loaded again

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If you have not got your own backup system sorted then TKLBAM is a great option IMO. And it's pretty cheap too: ~14c/GB/mth (IIRC).

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