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Hi, I am trying to add a Western Digital Caviar® 3TB WD30EZRX-00MMMB0 drive to my Turnkey Linux File Server running turnkey-fileserver-11.3-lucid-x86. (The disk was formatted in one GPT/NTFS partition when i put it in the File Server) When I go to Webmin-->Hardware-->Partitions on local disks it does show the 3TB drive as sdb but I am unable to create a partition on it. 'Add a partition seems to do nothing. Can anyone help me? Regards Mort
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Update:  Booted the system on a Gparted livecd and partitioned the disk as GPT with one 3tb ext4 partition.  Back in to Turnkey Linux the disk now shows as a 2TB disk..... ??

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boot into gparted and partition drive as GPT with one ext4 partition covering whole disk.
Mount the partition in Webmin-->System-->Disk and Network Filesystems (do NOT use Partitions on Local Disks in Webmin. Does not support large disks)

hdparm -S 2 /dev/sdb  (which spins down the WD30EZRX after ~10 mins)

Set the hdparm command to run at startup in "Create a new bootup and shutdown action"

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