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i cannot create a project, if the repos dir is a mounted smb share. i get following error:

root@trac ~# trac-initproject svn test
fatal: project svn-test already exists

if the repos dir isnt mounted and a "real" dir, everything is working fine

what i did:

* Installed Turnkeylinux Trac from the iso on hyperv (with legacy network)

* removed all existing projects and the svn,git,bzr,hg dirs in /srv/repos/

* installed smbfs (had to delete the turnkeylinux repository in the sorces.list)

* mount -t cifs //file-server/repos /srv/repos -o username=user,password=pass,rw,uid=root

the share has the folders svn,git,bzr,hg in it

root@trac ~# ls /srv/repos/
bzr  git  hg  svn

i can create a file in /srv/repos/svn with root account on the console


the in advance for your help

and sry for my bad english



looks like a svn problem?

root@trac ~# svnadmin create /srv/repos/svn/test
svnadmin: database is locked


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