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Firewall. Restart from consolo command

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I don't see how to restart or reload setup file of firewall on Turnkey appliance.


I see file of config /etc/iptables.up.rules and this file after modify by command for me,  I need reload or apply a new config file.


Apreciate help.

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Sorry for late comment

But it will probably not be much help anyway... I have very limited experience with IPTables/Linux firewall so can't really give much assistance. It may be worth posting on the Ubuntu forums if you are still having issues (TKL 11.x is based on Ubuntu Lucid/10.04) although I imagine that much of the info will be regarding commandline rather than Webmin (which I assume you are using).

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Any Solution for this ?

Hi Abkrim

Have you got any solution ?



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Fixed but not fixed


Fixed :

I have got a solution, write the rules in  "/etc/iptables.up.rules" by CLI or via web console. As we know in web console there is no option appering for reload/restart the service. 

So I would suggest once you write the rules to file run the below command :

manmeet@example :~$ sudo iptables-apply /etc/iptables.up.rules

Thi will apply the defined rules.

Not Fixed :

What was not fixed for me is, I don't see any option to stop/disable firewall in webconsole/CLI. If anybody has a fix please post here.




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