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Hello guys,


Great software.



Here is the deal, i run a TurnKey LAMP machine on Amazon, created trough the HUB, with TKLBAM turned on.

The other day a big audience tv show on Brazil talked about one of these websites. The traffic went to, the moon. My first reaction was to Turn on a Load balancer and create multiple machines trough the Hub, but that proved a little bit slow, so i went to AWS console and launched "more like this machine" using the AMI. I created around 10 machines and in 5 minutes it was up and running with 20000 online.


My question is: This AMI (Amazon machine image?) was of a EBS of a EC2 Running turnkey lamp with backup on, so the copies had tklbam on too.


Doest that mess up with my backups? How do you guys think turnkey handle that?

I havent noticed anything wrong. Just did a restore on the machine (now i have only one running) - everything seems ok.

Best regards.

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So if TKLBAM backup did run then you should have a whole heap of new machines showing up in your Hub TKLBAM page. However, if you only had them running for a little while perhaps TKLBAM backup didn't even run?

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Thanks for clarifiying that.

The machines were running for about 48 hours. My full backup size was of the same size as before, wich seems odd. I turned on about 10 machines behind the load balancer, all using the same TKL AMI.

Sorry for my english on the first msg. It is not my first language so it is bad, when i write in a hurry its just shitty.

This is solved. Nothing to worry about.

Best regards.

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