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Hello All, 


I am trying to add an existing ProjectPier installation to the WordPress VM. I am aware there is an additional turnkey VM for PP, however i would like to have it all on one VM if possible. Looking at apache seetings for document root reveals the web root is /var/www/wordpress/ So i added my ProjectPier installation in that folder thinking i could go to .

I did create the MySQL database in PHPmyadmin prior to this and imported my PP databse. I currently run  this  on Mac OS X  using the subfolder method , so i am unsure of what i am doing incorrectly. i always just get "The requested URL /projects/ was not found on this server." Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.




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But OTTOMH I would think the easiest way to go would be to add your ProjectPier site to /var/wwwprojects and set the webroot to /var/www then the PP site will be <ip-address>/projects and the WP site will be <ip-address>/wordpress. You could make a simple html landing site with links to each to make it extra easy...

Failing that, you may need to add a new virtual host that points to the PP site.

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So to clarify you are getting 404 errors? (Ie page not found). And you're restarting/reloading apache after making config changes yeah? Also perhaps check the apache logs (IIRC /var/log/apache2) as they may contain some more specifics on what is going on.

I've got a fair bit on, but if I get a chance I'll have a play later and see if I can get it to work.

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