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How Nginx can talk to other library

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Hi All,

Here's what I wanted to do:

1) I wanted to write a Nginx location handler for example "/mylocation" which when invoked should call another program to get the response.

2) The other external program provides a client library where we can register callbacks.

3) The external program will call the callback when the data is available.


I wanted to know if I am using an external library and one of the external API is asking for registering callback, how i can achieve this in Nginx.

I cannot give any function from my handler, as that is called internally by the nginx Core.


Please guide me how i can register a callback inside Nginx which will be called by the external program.




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Wouldn't even know where to start...

And to be honest I don't expect you'll get much here (although who knows...?) I don't think we have very many Nginx users here and there is no official TKL Nginx appliance (or any that use Nginx). I think probably the best place to seek assistance is the Nginx community.

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