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I downloaded the debian squeeze core RC2.  I used the ISO.  I installed to an older machine.  Everything went as expected.  The netwrok addresses display.

I went to another machine and tried to browse to this web machine.  No luck.  I ping the squeeze ip address from the other machine and I have success.


So I used a copy of LAMP 11.2 ISO and installed it on this same hardware.  Now I can successfully WebMin to this server.  1GB of RAM, 40 GB Hard Drive.


So same physical machine - Works with LAMP 11.2 BUT does not display web pages for the new Squeeze.


I am happy with the LAMP on this box, but I was hoping to play with the squeeze.


I have installed close to a dozen appliances in the past but always as virtual machines.  This is the first time on a physical machine.


Thanks for all the great appliances you make.  I always want more and I am too often ungrateful for the great things I find here.


Thanks again.

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TurnKey LAMP has apache installed and configured with a welcome page with links to webmin, so I assume you were browsing directly to http://APPLIANCE_IP and then clicking on the Webmin link.

TurnKey Core on the other hand doesn't have a webserver, so you need to specify Webmin's port, which would be https://APPLIANCE_IP:12321 (same goes for webshell on port 12320).

I hope I understood correctly, if not, please post back...

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I did not understand this BUT I did try https://APPLIANCE_IP:12321 and https://APPLIANCE_IP:12320


I tried on two different machines.  One with FireFox and the other with IE.


I will try again tonight in the LIVE demo mode to make sure I did not do a bonehead mistake.

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I tried it on the physical machine as LIVE.  I successfully used WebMin.  I do not know what I did wrong before.

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