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Hi All


Im new to turnkey but about a month ago i downloaded and installed zimbra appliance, all went well

with the install i can log into all shells and ssh no problems, i can send an email to myself with the default setup but i cant find how to change the server name and when i do mess with it i cant login to the admin

console anymore, i have looked for guides for this and can change user accounts from cmd line, but

could not find much in the way of setup guides, also i found reference to a TurnKey configuration tool but could not find any documentation on it, any help would greatly appreciated thanks.



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But from memory there is a config script to run to get you going. IIRC you will need to set a FQDN for your Zimbra appliance. If you want it accessable via the internet then it'll have to be a real one that points to your IP (although you can use TKL HubDNS or any other dynamic DNS service if you don't have a static IP). If it is only for internal use then you'll need to setup local DNS or edit the hosts file on all the machines that you want to connect to it.

Have a look on the appliance page for some basic info. Searching the forums may also yeild some info.

I cannot find any documentation on turnkey zimbra. I am not a linux person and have no clue where to start. Can anyone point me to some docs or tutorials please? I am willing to learn but don't know where to start. thanks.

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So like I just posted in response to your post on another thread, you'll need to dig...

go to and search zimbra. You will find several howto's for different distributions.


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