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I've been battling with this simple problem for weeks and have gotten nowhere.  This is a last stop for advice/help.

I am using the Magento appliance to set up an e-commerse site. I am selling material, and would like to allow the shopper to not only choose the material and quantity, but also to type in the length and width of the material he requests. For example 1m x 2m. The price should then be calculated by price-per-sqr-mtr X Area (LengthxWidth).

This seems like something so simple, but the problem is I have no experience in any web based language, and frankly have no clue how to do this.

I would be extremely greatful to anyone who could iether tell me what to do (keeping in mind that I am web-language impaired) or help me do it. I would be willing to pay a fair price for a solution to this problem.



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That'd be where I'd try (if you haven't already). Failing that, seeing as it's open source you could try one of those websites where you can hire a developer to code it for you. I haven't used any myself but a mate of mine now farms a lot of his basic coding work out to freelancers all over the globe. Assum8ng that it doesn't take more than a few hours to nut out and get working it should cost more than a $100 or so... I don't know anything about Magento but it is coded in php which is a pretty common language, perhaps it could even be written as a plugin or something?

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Can I ask some questions?

What is Magento? and Can it work with linux?

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And mine: answers your second! :)

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This Magento 2 extension provides a perfect solution to your query.

It allows you to calculate price according to the measurement entered by users. With this, you can sell all variable size products such as titles, carpets, blinds etc. 

Also, check out this extension which is perfectly compatible with Linux and easily customize the checkout page.

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