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We reserved a Small machine but after a few weeks decided it wasn't powerful enough, so today I cloned that server and re-created it as a Medium machine.  The Small machine is now powered off.

As I understand it, we will need to reserve the Medium machine since the new machine is of a different type than the one we previously reserved.  And unless I make use of that Small machine in some other way, the money we initially paid to reserve it would go down the drain.  Right?

Here's the documentation.  I think the key phrase here being "in the reserved size" and region.  We launched our Medium machine in the same region, it's just of a different size.


Through the Hub you reserve a server instance of a specific size in a specific region. Amazon bills you a non-refundable one-time fee. The Hub applies the discounted hourly rate immediately to any matching server. You'll see this reflected in the server dashboard.


If you don't have a running server, the discounted rate will be applied to the next server you launch in the reserved size and region.
Thanks for clarifying.
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AFAIK unfortunately your Small reserved fee is gone... :(

Although you could run some other server in it's space (assuming you have something else you wish to do with a server of that size in that region).

But please be aware that I don't speak for TKL (only Alon and/or Liraz can do that). But I am pretty sure that's how it is...

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Reserved instances only apply to the exact same server size and availability zone that the reservation was made for. The one-time upfront fee is unrefundable and non-transferable.

Just to clarify, this is an Amazon limitation, not TurnKey's.

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