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HubDNS a little bonkers...

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I haven't been able to connect to my VPN, recently and did some investigating. If I check my HubDNS account my tklapp.com address is correctly being displayed as my router's WAN IP address. What's weird is if I ping my tklapp.com address, it returns an IP address that according to WHOIS, is an Amazon ECS address. Any ideas...?



PS: Just for the hell of it, I changed my VPN client configuration to point to my router's WAN IP address and it connected right away. So this really is a DDNS not working.

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A little more info

If I try to "Release" my Dynamic DNS under my Hub Profile, it comes back with this message:


Tried to delete resource record set {server_name}.tklapp.com., type A but it was not found

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Any help...?

Still a problem. Not seeing anything on the Googley webs about this. Uninstall Hubdns? ...seems like an Amazon issue and no idea how to contact them or Liraz or Alon...


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Sorry for the silence Drew

I've been really busy and haven't had any spare time of late so have been neglecting the forums a bit...

TBH Hub DNS is not something I've played with much. Although I did have issue with it being slow to update an IP when it changed when I did test it, but I have a static IP now so hasn't been an issue. I know that some ISP DNSs are slow to update. 

I'll test it out sometime when I get a chance, but in the meantime, you could try emailing Alon, either use the contact form, or alon at turnkeylinux dot org...

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Thanks Jeremy

I got my VPN working again by switching DDNS names -- I had two configured, previously, and one active. I'm still not able to release the first one, however. I've logged it as a bug in the TKL bug tracking system.

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Good plan.

The other idea that I forgot to mention (re contacting the devs) is to use the Hub 'Feedback' feature. Assuming that the issue is with the Hub itself (which it sounds like it is), doing that will allow Alon (or Liraz) to have a look from their end (by using Feedback they will know all the details they need re your Hub account). Glad you managed to find a (sort of) workaround, although obviously no doubt you'd like your other name released too.

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Feedback sent

Thanks, Jeremy. I sent along the information using the feedback system. We'll see if it can get corrected.

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Thanks, Alon!

Alon was able to see that something "weird" had occurred and was able to release my sticky server name from his side. That allowed me to re-init it and all is back to normal.



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