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I'm working with the Debian core, OpenVZ, in Proxmox 1.9. I'm trying to build an appliance from the ground up, but I'm having one of two issues:

1. Venet — if I use this, I am able to set up my desired IP (which is, but I'm only able to communicate to it from within my network. If I try to use apt-get update (or update from turnkey-init), I get an error that I'm unable to communicate with anything. I'm then told to use apt-cron and read the log, but when I use apt-cron it hangs (as far as I can tell) indefinitely, and no log is made.

2. Veth — if I use this, I'm able to use apt-get update as I need, but I can't seem to get a local IP to work. I play with the /etc/network/interfaces file, but PVE continues to display an "unkown" IP address.

As I side note, I haven't been able to get turnkey-init to work in any scenario yet. :-/

Thanks Turnkey community!


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I haven't used Core, but I have used many other OVZ appliances on both PVE v1.9 and v2.1 and have not had any of those issues (I use venet exclusively).

Also someone else has reported some issues with turnkey-init in OVZ templates running on PVE but again I am yet to experience any issues at all.

Do you have any other OVZ template (ie non-TKL ones) working correctly? If not then perhaps it is an issue with your PVE host config? IIRC on v1.9 the extra networking info (ie DNS servers IP, gateway IP, etc) needs to be set on the host prior to launch for it to be propagated to the VM (v2.x allows you to set this guest by guest). IIRC you can add that info to the VMID.conf from the commandline (using commandline tools built into PVE) but sorry I don't recall the commands...

Perhaps try having a look at this thread. May be some useful info there?

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