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hubdns multiple domain names for one IP address - Virtual Hosting

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Is it possible to have two FQDNs associated with the same IP address on TKLs HubDNS ? A fairly common requirement with several Virtual Hosts on the LAMP server.

I can’t see how to do this. I’m setting the first up as follows….

$ hubdns-init QPINK3GD7HHT3A demo1.tklapp.com

But when this is repeated for the second

$ hubdns-init QPINK3GD7HHT3A demo2.tklapp.com

I get error: 'already initialised’.

Any help much appreciated.

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.... have discovered the --force option, which allows multiple domain names to be reserved, but these can only be associated with the IP address one at a time.

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Nice find

I wasn't aware of that, but I just added it to the documentation of hubdns.

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Multiple Domains to one IP - hubdns-update hubdns-release

When using multiple domains to one IP address it would be really usefull to be able to specify a particular domain (or -all) as a parameter to hubdns-update and hubdns-release. At the moment there appears to be no way to do this and only the last domain listed (somewhere!) is updated/released.

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I just added a feature request to the TKL Dev Tracker

I included a few other things in the issue request... Have a look here and see what you think...

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