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I have sugarCRM Version 6.5.2 running on proxmox 2.1-1.  I've gotten the module loader in sugarCRM to install the select service desk module, and the instructions tell me to installed stored function in the data base. Does anyone have a clue if I'm supposed to add it to the SugarCRM tables? And if so, what is the name of the database installed by turnkey sugarcrm? 

And just to be clear, once I know the name of the database, from the mysql> i can just type \. procedura.sql  ? 


Thanks for any mysql gurus out there; I've only worked with mssql from 2008 server thus far.

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Perhaps the best place to get specific SugarCRM advice is via their forums. As for the TKL SugarCRM DB, I suggest that you have a look with phpMyAdmin (https://<appliance-IP-or-FQDN>:12322 - use username root and your MySQL root password to login). I suspect that you will need to load the .sql file you have into the SugarCRM DB, but you should be able to do that within phpMyAdmin.

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Thank you! I wasn't getting any help from that forum. MyphpAdmin worked out perfectly by selecting the database (sugarcrm) from the databases tab then going to the SQL tab and pasting the contents of procedura.sql into the inputbox and changing the delimeter to | per the installation instructions.

For posterity's sake, anyone else trying to install this module, the next step is to change the emailnotifications/config.php file to

    define("SMTP_USER",  "USER");
    define("SMTP_URL" ,'SMT_URL');


by logging into root

cd /var/www/sugarcrm/include/emailnotification/

vi config.php and edit (or use nano if you're not into the vim editor)

Thanks alot Jeremy, your posts in other threads has helped imensely with all the errors that I've had, and now this. I really appreciate all your work and contributions to the community.

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Thanks for posting back and thanks for the kudos! :)

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I know nothing about SugarCRM, but when you upload the SQL code you probably shouldn't be getting an error. If I were you I'd troubleshoot that. If you have a backup then restore back to a previously known good state and try again. Or better still start with a fresh SugarCRM appliance in a VM and test (and document as you go) until you have it working...

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