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Wanted to report some weird behavior regarding tracking of invitations to the TurnKey Hub.I myself joined yesterday, and immediately sent out invitations to some of my techie friends.

For Friend #1, I received an email notification that he started creating a TurnKey account (but has not yet completed the invitation by adding an Amazon EC2 account).
For Friend #2, I received an email notification that he "completed the signup process", even though I never previously received a "starting" email notification for him.

The "User Profile" section of my TurnKey Hub dashboard currently shows "Invitations - 1 completed".
Status for Friend #1 is "Complete".  Status for Friend #2 is "Open" (not-even-started).

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Just got a second person ("Friend #3") to complete the invitation,
but the email notification that was sent to me reported this, once again, for Friend #2
(who has not even started yet)!

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Probably the best way is via the Feedback feature of the Hub (blue button on the left hand side when logged in). You could also include a link to this forum post rather than retyping it all.

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