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Regenerate hub API-KEY when compromized

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Hey there,

My API-Key got compromized. I am under the impression that this key should have been kept very secret, otherwise unauthorized people may dump stuff on my S2 account and I would get billed, right?

So aside from deleting the hub account, and start over, can one re-generate the API-KEY?

There was another key on the amazon web services (aws) portal to regenerate a key, but that wasn't the right one. I'm talking about the key one uses in "tklbam-init [KEY]"

Thanks for the help!

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Please use Hub feedback

Currently there is no UI for regenerating the API-KEY (but thats something we will add).

In the meantime, please send feedback via the Hub using the blue feedback button on the left. This will allow us to see your associated Hub account and regenerate the API-KEY manually. Note that regenerating your API Key will break any services (ie. TKLBAM) that are using it, and will need to be reconfigured.

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