Hello everyone.

I'm trying to set up a webserver template to add to my distributed computing capabilities across many cheap and varied webhosts.

One major component that I'm trying to add to TKL LAMP Stack is support for SQLite to create localized low-footprint databases for local tasks.

A search on the forum turned up this thread (http://www.turnkeylinux.org/forum/support/20100120/lamp-and-pdo-sqlite)

But it does not seem that the issue was resolved.

Any suggestions?

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It looks like Stas made a patch for creating a LASP stack (built on Core). It was for a previous (Ubuntu based) version of TKL but may be near enough? You could pull it apart and at least get some pointers? Also if you are going for lightweight, then perhaps LigHTTPd on Nginx would be god options for Webserver (rather than Apache)?

Pardon my inexperience.

How do I apply the patch?

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That time of year and all...

If you have a look in the docs you can find the details, but to apply a patch to an ISO is basically:

tklpatch tkl.iso tklpatch.tar.gz

(obviously swap the 'tkl.iso' and 'tklpatch.tar.gz' for the real filenames)

You can also apply the patch to an already running system like this:

tklpatch-apply / tklpatch.tar.gz

although that is generally not advisable - and certainly not on a system which is in production (ok for testing, but be warned things may go wrong...)

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