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I'm new to vTiger and I can't get the comments field to be seen or accessed by the sales profile. Admin can see it and so can Support. Under Settings> Fields Access, the comments field is also grayed out. I assume that comments will be important as the sales people update the file. Is there something I can do to make this accessible?

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But looking at that screenshot I don't imagine that that is the issue.It is grayed out but it is enabled/ticked - I suspect that it is grayed because something else is dependant on it (being enabled).

As it works with the Admin and Support accounts I suspect that it is a permission thing so would be looking elsewere...

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Yes, you're absolutely right. What I posted in the picture didn't make the problem clearer. But I did find a way to resolve the issue. Maybe this will help someone else.

The issue is that vTiger would not show the Comments/Add Comment module in Leads or Contacts records for anyone in the hierarchy lower than the Support Profile. I could not give the Sales Profile the ability to make comments or even see the Comments field in the records. I had checked Sharing Access and the module Comments was fully Public so I crossed that off the list, then when I went to edit the Sales Profile to give them access. I saved the changes and found (repeatedly) that the changes didn't stick. The permissions route was where I was headed too, but found a post that identified the issue as a problem with a particular variable.

This is the fix that worked for me: Log into Webmin, go to Tools and with the text editor, edit php.ini:

Path: /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini  Find & uncomment, or add a line with: max_input_vars = 1500

Here is a link to the original post that I found my answer in. My solution was at the very bottom of the thread, but the problem is nicely shown right at the beginning.


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Glad you got it worked out and thanks for posting back. I'm sure someone else will find that useful. :)

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