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I have the Turnkey Wordpress Appliance installed on a VMWare vSphere system, and I have put my old Wordpress site on there.


It is no longer sending me emails for anything, including user registrations and Newsletter sign-up, and I am not sure where to look.


Any help appreciated.




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So I am guessing that either something you copied across has broken it, or you have some network/firewall issue that is blocking the mails.

First thing I'd do is find the email log in /var/log (not sure what it would be called but should be in there) and see if there are any errors. Double check your WordPress config too (I know nothing about WordPress but I assume that there are some settings somewhere in there).

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TKL appliances have a basic (outgoing) mail server built in and by default deliver mail directly themselves no need for SMTP server).

In my experience that generally works really well OOTB but there can be issues. Firstly some ISPs will block the standard mail port (25) on non-business internet plans (thus blocking outgoing mail). Also depending on the email recient's email host emails can sometimes be incorrectly blacklisted...

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