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Just installed the Revision Control appliance as a VM. Everything seems to be working just fine with the exception of ntp. ntpq -p returns "ntpq: read: connection refused". Hmmm. 

Is ntpd running? "service ntp status" returns "NTP server is not running ... failed!"

The symlink in /etc/rc2.d is there to ../init.d/ntp. On the console during boot I see an indication that ntpd has (allegedly) been started. However, no joy.

syslog shows


May 15 15:52:42 scs ntpd[1229]: ntpd 4.2.6p2@1.2194-o Sun Oct 17 13:45:13 UTC 2010 (1)
May 15 15:52:42 scs ntpd[1230]: proto: precision = 0.314 usec
May 15 15:52:42 scs ntpd[1230]: unable to bind to wildcard address - another process may be running - EXITING
May 15 15:52:49 scs ntpdate[981]: no server suitable for synchronization found
Huh? Another process may be running? How can that be?
If, when I reboot and first log in, I run 'service ntp start', ntpq -p works fine.
I should note that I installed webmin-time to let me manage things. Could that have screwed something up?
Any ideas?
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I had this also, using TKL Core 13.0 Wheezy.  I am using a TKL Core VM (under Proxmox! :-) ) as an authoritative server for doing DNS, DHCP and NTP (master.)

After getting NTPD all setup and working, I was seeing the same error in my syslog.  I noticed back to back was NTPDate executing.  Others speak of this as a race condition.  The ver of NTPD used on Wheezy is suppose to have it resolved, from what I have read, but maybe I'm misreading?

Here is what I did to fix it--  it seems that the system is stable w/o issues, so I think it's an acceptable solution, but someone please feel free to correct me.

SOLUTION: Remove NTPDate from running at startup.  To do this; Disabled NTPDate by renaming /etc/network/if-up.d/ntpdate to ntpdate.ORG

After rebooting, you should see ntpd startup property.  If you do ntpq -p, you should see ntpd working. (if all say .INIT. and never change, then there's still a problem.)

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Props Ryan!  I was having this exact same issue 3.25 years after your post, and finding it helped me very much!  My initial thought was to just uninstall ntpdate, but that also caused TKLBAM to be uninstalled.  While we aren't using TKLBAM, i didn't want to chance that removing ntpdate would bork up something down the road.

Thanks again!


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