I set up a pc with turnkey moodle version 12. The version of moodle is 2.3.1. I would like to update to moodle 2.4 but when I login to moodle and make the update it returns error core_plugin/err_response_http_code. Another option is to update to turnkey 12.1. So I connect to server via ssh as root and I run apt-get update, apt-get upgrade and apt-get dist-upgrade. The version is still 12.0. So I would like to update moodle to version 2.4. What should I do?

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I haven't tested it myself so it may require some additional tweaking...

Basically try running a backup of your current server, then restore it to a new v12.1 server (I'd just use a VM - at least initially). If it works OOTB then all good, otherwise document whatever steps you need to take to get it working (check Moodle site to see if there is an upgrade script that needs to run on existing data)....

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