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Hi all,

I just downloaded the ejabberd appliance and started it in my Proxmox v3 environment as an OpenVZ container.

It all works, but I see a continues high CPU usages of wel over 90%, anyone encountered this situation? I'm wondering what's causing it and how it could be resolved.


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So I can't comment there but i do have many TKL appliances running in OVZ (under Proxmox) and have not experienced high CPU usage.

Although in fairness I haven't actually tested any of the TKL v12.1 appliances yet so there may be something going on there? I assume that you are using the 12.1 release (as you say you just downloaded it and by default I think it should be v12.1 - unless you are downloading direct through PVE in which case you can choose AFAIK. I know that the devs have included some tweaks to the v12.1 OVZ appliances so perhaps it's something there?

Have you done any troubleshooting? Have you got top installed to have a look at what is chewing all the CPU? Have you tested other TKL appliances and had a similar result (or is it just this appliance)?

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Hi Jeremy, I'm running other TKL appliances without this issue, so I'm fairly confident that it isn't neccessarily TKL related.

I'm away from the installation right now, so can't check anything right now. I downloaded through the Proxmox interface, but these are downloading the latest v12 versions of TKL.

I'll see if I can run a top command tonight or something like that to pinpoint the exact process eating all those CPU-cycles..

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