Is this possible to do from within the appliance without upgrading the appliance itself? PrestaShop has a "1-Click" AutoUpgrade module and I haven't even done any customization to the site yet that might interfere, so it seems like a no-brainer.

The problem is that the upstream source for the appliance, even though it's dated June, is not the latest version of PrestaShop, which is dated April.

I'm using the bridged adapter, and I can connect fine for the TurnKey security updates, so I can't think of a reason I couldn't just update PrestaShop as I would on any host or local Apache server.

If I can download a new module to PrestaShop (which I'm assuming I can), I should be able to do this, too. I just wanted to ask before trying it because I'm new at this and don't want to mess up my pristine TurnKey VM.



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Assuming you are, then why not take a snapshot and test it out!? I have never used Prestashop so I have no idea, but I would expect that it would be possible to upgrade Prestashop software itself as you suggest.

See how you go and if you have any issues post back and I'll do what I can to help out.

No need to wait for the appliance to be updated. Everything worked just as I assume it would have on a host. The snapshot feature makes it risk-free anyway, you're right. Better (and quicker) than a backup.

Right now it looks like any support issues I have won't be related to TurnKey Linux, but it's good to know that when I get a bit more involved, I have somewhere to turn.

I'm looking forward to hosting this thing on the Hub. Maybe then I'll have some better questions.


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Good to hear that all is going well for you!

I'm happy to help where I can, but often you will be able to find info via Google and/or the relevant support forum/mailing list. E.g. for Prestashop itself via their community support (most software included in TKL has upstream support forums and/or mailing list). Also TKL v12.x is based on Debian 6/Squeeze and TKL v13.x will be based on Debian 7/Wheezy.

Even if you manage to work something out yourself, if you think it is relevant and may be useful to others, feel free to post it here, either in the Genral forum, or in the Documentation (it's a community Wiki - link at the top of the page under 'Documentation'). If you come across anything that you think is a bug or you have a feature request feel free to post in on the TKL GitHub Dev Tracker (as an 'Issue' - you'll need a GitHub account to do that, and again the link is at the top of the page under Help).

I'll be happy to contribute if I can. One of the things I preferred about this solution (and PrestaShop) was the depth of the documentation and support. Hopefully, this exchange (and the other topic - PrestaShop appliance login) will help someone else who is just getting started. Personally, I was struggling with the last couple of steps until you got involved because I was asking the wrong questions. So thanks.

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